Blind Channel Concert @ Dynamo, Zürich - TU 09.04.2024 - Just Because
Blind Channel Concert at Dynamo, Zürich on TU 09.04.2024

Blind Channel

TU 09.04.2024
Dynamo, Zürich

special guests: GHØSTKID & Rock Band From Hell

Doors: 19h00
Rock Band From Hell: 19h30
Blind Channel: 21h10

“Rohkea rokan syö", or to loosely translate this Finnish saying: “Fortune Favours The Brave”. Truly, none have been braver than Blind Channel. Focusing intently on their mission to take their brand of infectiously ferocious nu-metal outside of Finland’s linguistic restrictions this bravery is engrained within.

Indeed, Finland is a dark place. It’s cold, fiercely loyal to its mother tongue and in the wrong geographical spots it can be unforgiving. A harshness exasperated by darkened evenings from their northern hemisphere location, yet it doesn’t stop them from ranking number one on the World Happiness Report. It’s a dogged determination that radiates throughout their homeland, and it’s even more stringent in Blind Channel.

That darkness which envelopes Finland is what fuels Blind Channel. The veritable coal to their roaring furnace of ambition, embracing it is the DNA that runs throughout their music. Balancing their tenacity with sincerity, "It's this feeling of never being enough is what drives us forward right now,” vocalist Niko Vilhem says. “We got our huge breakthrough, but it's been also a scary time, like all this has been probably the scariest year in our lives.”

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