Bracco Concert @ ISC Club, Bern - TH 17.10.2024 - Just Because
Bracco Concert at ISC Club, Bern on TH 17.10.2024


TH 17.10.2024
ISC Club, Bern

In collaboration with Ishtar Music

Bracco stand on stage like they stand on the border between music genres that are usually kept separated. Catharsis and trance come first for the French duet. They grabbed the guitar sounds and riffs, and threw them back into the clubs, in a techno-punk sound that brings back Front 242, Depeche Mode, Suicide or even Psychic TV. Untamed, unapologetic, they offer a brash and furious live – loud beats, raging guitars and wrenched voice – a perfect fit for clubs. Their music is for those who do not want to choose, and spend their nights dancing their lives away.

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