Caroline Alves Concert @ Bundesfeier, Pontresina - TU 01.08.2023 - Just Because
Caroline Alves Concert at Bundesfeier, Pontresina on TU 01.08.2023

Caroline Alves

TU 01.08.2023
Bundesfeier, Pontresina

Free entry

With her unmistakable voice and bittersweet songs somewhere between pop, soul and electro, Caroline Alves makes music which goes right under your skin. Whether with her band, as a trio, or alone with her guitar.
The concerts of the Swiss Music Award winner from Biel are always a wonderful experience in which she takes the audience into her own world.

Caroline Alves does not shy away from heavy topics on this journey: Self-doubt, escape, excess, failed relationships and fear of loss are recurring chapters in her songs. The Brazilian-born singer deals with a lot of autobiographical material and therefore manages to cast a spell over her listeners with ease. At the same time, however, a hopeful, stirring impression and the artist's strong attitude always come to the fore, which is why Caroline Alves' live shows are sometimes deeply touching, but never depressing.

The “SRF 3 Best Talents 2021" names Erikah Badu, Amy Winehouse and Massive Attack as her idols. Vocally, one discovers similarities here and there, but the music of Caroline Alves goes further: her musical DNA is diverse and each of her songs finely tuned. Now and then still spiced with a little jazz, so that she can play her big trump card, her unique voice, at any time.