Caroline Alves Concert @ Viertel_Dach, Basel - TH 27.05.2021 - Just Because
Caroline Alves Concert at Viertel_Dach, Basel on TH 27.05.2021

Caroline Alves

TH 27.05.2021
Viertel_Dach, Basel

Caroline Alves was born in a favela in Rio de Janeiro. In 2008, she came to Switzerland. Caroline was 14 years old when it was the moment for her to take her first musical steps in the memory of her deceased uncle. She quickly discovered more passion for music by teaching herself guitar and singing. Influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu, Caroline developed her own unmistakably musical style.

For her EP “Unbound”, Caroline Alves worked with the Grammy winning musician Jeremy Mage. They managed to develop her own sound : somewhere between electronically influenced pop, trip hop, lo-fi beats, jazz and soul. Caroline quickly collaborated with Swiss artists: 2 remixes with Dr. Mo, a feature with Manillio and collaborations with the rapper Sim's. In 2018 Caroline was nominated for the final of the Demotape Clinic at the m4music-Festival.

The single "Mamasaya" saw the light in 2019 with its bittersweet yet positive appeal and showed the way for her next big step: Her debut album. With the producers Stereotyp, Caroline Alves started to work on her debut album and to refine her unique sound. In 2020 the first results were released: "Like a Stone" as a melancholic, electro-soul song, "Blank Page" and "Sticks and Stones" as danceable and profound singles.

The debut album "Moonlight" is eight impressive songs about self-doubt, escape, excesses, failed relationships and fear of loss - and yet there is always that hopeful, resonant note and an incredible strength.