Catalyst Concert @ Openair Malans, Malans - FR 05.08.2022 - Just Because
Catalyst Concert at Openair Malans, Malans on FR 05.08.2022


FR 05.08.2022
Openair Malans, Malans

A Normal Day (08.10.21, Radicalis Music) is the name of the debut album from the Swiss band Catalyst. The Duo based in St. Gallen dedicates over ten songs to high – energetic alternative rock, sometimes in the direction of Black Keys, sometimes timeless indie like Johnossi and sometimes
modern a la Royal Blood. The band analogy is hereby not chosen by chance, Dominic Curseri and Ramon Wehrle confine its constellation to voice, guitar, and drums. They demonstrated that they don’t have to musically manifest themselves, as after releasing 2 EP’s the third release is on its way.

Catalyst’s debut album doesn’t sound like a normal day, rather like an extremely eventful day. A Normal Day unites numerous Subgenres of rock, draws influence off works from familiar famous genre artists but never sticks to a disdainful quote but garnishes all the riffs with imagination and energy. The powerful drumming of Ramon Wehrle as well as the realistic but entertaining and great sang lyrics by Dominic Curseris make for an all-overarching framework which lends Catalyst to an own sound garb and makes A Normal Day a diversified rock record.

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