Chelan Concert @ Kammgarn, Schaffhausen - FR 30.09.2022 - Just Because
Chelan Concert at Kammgarn, Schaffhausen on FR 30.09.2022


FR 30.09.2022
Kammgarn, Schaffhausen

With influences going from jazz to hip-hop passing by soul, funk and many more, I make music to stop my craving for what I would want to hear on my playlist. Possibilities are limitless when it comes to creativity and genres are only there to direct the listener. Touches of my influences such as Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei, Loyle Carner, Hablot Brown, Zanski and many others can be found in all of my tracks so open your ears as much as your mind. Close to the Swiss music scene, artists like Makala, Pink Flamingo, Di-Meh and Slimka inspire us, smaller artists, to follow in their steps and show the world a touch of our Swiss vibes.