Damian Lynn @ Summer Ferry Openair - TH 09.08.2018 - Shows - Just Because
Damian Lynn Concert at Summer Ferry Openair, Beckenried on TH 09.08.2018

Damian Lynn

TH 09.08.2018
Summer Ferry Openair, Beckenried

Hi, I'm Damian Lynn. I'm from Lucerne. My elementary teacher was very into music. He encouraged me to sing. I liked it. I learned to play the piano. Then guitar. And drums. I'm really into rhythm and beats. First I table-drummed, then I beatboxed. I got in a band. And wrote my first songs. I left the band. Practiced a lot. Wrote more songs. Played many shows. I signed a record deal. Put out an album. Was played on the radio a lot. Won an award. Played more shows. A hell of a lot of shows. I learned a lot. Took a break. Got into producing. Wrote more songs. And here is my newest one called "What Is It“. Hope you enjoy it. DL