Damian Lynn Concert @ Summer Ferry Openair, Beckenried - TH 09.08.2018 - Just Because
Damian Lynn Concert at Summer Ferry Openair, Beckenried on TH 09.08.2018

Damian Lynn

TH 09.08.2018
Summer Ferry Openair, Beckenried

Damian Lynn gives the term "singer songwriter" its own meaning: urban influences, which are reflected in his beat-heavy productions, as well as his unmistakable flow, are not the only things that distinguish Damian's music. In his songs he puts thoughts together so skillfully that they seem immediately familiar to many of us.

His live performances captivate with an energetic show in duo with his drummer. The live loops and samples in combination with drums and Damian's distinctive voice offer a multi-layered sound - even though there are only two people on stage. Quite a big portion of musicality is necessary for this and he celebrates it in perfection.

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