DANA Concert @ Gaswerk Eventbar, Seewen - TH 21.04.2022 - Just Because
DANA Concert at Gaswerk Eventbar, Seewen on TH 21.04.2022


TH 21.04.2022
Gaswerk Eventbar, Seewen

Supporting Sam Himself

With her personal songs, characterised by both melancholy and hope, DANA has secured herself a firm place in the Swiss music scene and the hearts of an ever-growing fan base. After a "Swiss Music Award" nomination, countless club and festival shows and double concerts with Jessie J and Ellie Goulding at the Baloise Session, DANA's second album "Teary-Eyed" will be released in September 2024. The singles are a sign of great things to come. It seems as if the Biel native can only write songs that she can't get out of her head. This applies equally to Hype, Hungry and the current single Forever Heartbreaker. With DANA, you can feel that she processes her deepest emotions and transforms the concentrate of these into music. With such personal lyrics and themes, it's only natural that this process takes some effort. However, it also ensures that her compositions have a depth that is rarely found. It is almost as if the singer's broad smile and positive charisma can be felt through the recordings, but also her immediate vulnerability.