DANA Concert @ Honky Tonk, St. Gallen - SA 29.04.2023 - Just Because
DANA Concert at Honky Tonk, St. Gallen on SA 29.04.2023


SA 29.04.2023
Honky Tonk, St. Gallen

Rolling Stone magazine and 200 international promoters agree: DANA is one to watch! The 24-year-old thoroughbred musician has made it her mission not only to compose beautiful music, but also to address difficult topics. Based in Zurich, she tells us her most personal stories, from the greatest moments of happiness to the deepest fears, never losing her irrepressible joy of life and confidence.

After two EPs, DANA's debut album entitled "Future Daughters" was released on 16 September 2022. In addition to stirring pop anthems, it also includes spherical indie sounds and minimalist singer-songwriter gems. It is not only in terms of sound that she gives us deep insight: DANA also pulls out all the stops lyrically. From her own trauma to feminist activism, from the missing father figure to the family of choice, from fear of commitment to new worlds of feeling; "Future Daughters" is a commitment to radical honesty and an ode to the strength that lies in vulnerability.

In addition to her own tracks, the versatile musician wrote the theme songs for the hit Swiss film "Platzspitzbaby" and for the 3sat film "Starke Frauen". She has also been running her own songwriting lab since 2020, where she writes a song with a new person every week.