Dean Lewis Concert @ Stars in Town, Schaffhausen - SA 10.08.2024 - Just Because
Dean Lewis Concert at Stars in Town, Schaffhausen on SA 10.08.2024

Dean Lewis

SA 10.08.2024
Stars in Town, Schaffhausen

Dean Lewis has more than 7.5 billion streams of his music and more than 3.8 million albums and EPs sold worldwide. With his song "Be Alright," he was included in Spotify's "Billions Club" and has over 1.1 million YouTube and 1.7 million Tik Tok followers. With "Hurtless," he wrote the sequel to "Be Alright." The song deals with the tearing end of a relationship with the hope of a happier future. After just 48 hours, the song recorded over 1 million streams on Spotify. Dean Lewis outshines only himself. "How Do I Say Goodbye" he wrote when his father was diagnosed with cancer in 2019.He's since gone into remission, and his son is able to perform the song on stage with a grateful grin. After just one month, this one cracked the 50 million streams mark on Spotify. It's not just the music that makes the Australian so successful. His love for his fans comes from the bottom of his heart and is not put on. He lets himself be carried by the wave of success and passes the momentum on to them.

Since the end of 2021, the musician has already played two sold-out shows in Zurich. After his solo concert in an intimate setting in Zurich's Papiersaal, he patiently and warmly took time out in the cold to take photos with his fans and perform his biggest hit "Be Alright" unplugged together with them. In early October 2022, he effortlessly wrapped the entire X-Tra around his finger. With his new album "The Hardest Love" he will undoubtedly succeed again. You just have to love Dean Lewis.

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