Declan McKenna Concert @ Plaza, Zürich - MO 04.07.2022 - Just Because
Declan McKenna Concert at Plaza, Zürich on MO 04.07.2022

Declan McKenna

MO 04.07.2022
Plaza, Zürich

Support: DANA (CH)

In late 2019, Declan McKenna headed to Nashville to record his second album, Zeros, with producer Jay Joyce. In September 2020, he battled the Rolling Stones for a number 1 record.

Even though Declan lost the battle for the number 1 album on the last day of sales by a hair's breadth to Jagger and his cohorts, he showed how far he has come since he came on stage just a few years earlier as a small and energetic teenager with songs like "Brazil". The boy very quickly became the young man to beat in the charts.

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