Dekker Concert @ Mittsommerfestival, Lenk - SA 24.06.2023 - Just Because
Dekker Concert at Mittsommerfestival, Lenk on SA 24.06.2023


SA 24.06.2023
Mittsommerfestival, Lenk

American Singer/Songwriter Brookln Dekker, better known by his surname-moniker, Dekker, has been making waves over the last two years. His one-song-at-a-time premier album Slow Reveal: Chapter One began in August of 2019 slowly revealing itself until it was fully realised in November of 2020.

Five months later, Dekker put out Small Wins, the first single from his next-album-to-be. Dekker worked prolifically on his sophomore album, I Won’t Be Your Foe, which was released in May 2022. Taking I Won’t Be Your Foe on tour saw Dekker as a trio (Stefan Wittich on drums and Andi Fins on keys/bass) playing to sold out venues all around Germany and reaching out to Switzerland, France and the Netherlands as well.

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