Emiliana Torrini Concert @ Mühle Hunziken, Rubigen - TU 01.10.2024 - Just Because
Emiliana Torrini Concert at Mühle Hunziken, Rubigen on TU 01.10.2024

Emiliana Torrini

TU 01.10.2024
Mühle Hunziken, Rubigen

Born in Iceland to an Icelandic mother and Italian father, Emiliana Torrini joined a choir as a soprano at the age of seven, before enrolling in opera school at the age of fifteen. Discovered singing in a restaurant in Reykjavik by One Little Indian head-honcho Derek Birkett, Emiliana subsequently contributed vocals on GusGus’s debut album, Polydistortion, before a relocation to London ensured co-writing duties on Slow – for which she was nominated for a Grammy – and Someday on Kyle Minogue’s 2003 Body Language album. By this point in proceedings, Emiliana had already contributed vocals on Paul Oakenfold’s Hold Your Hand, and composed three songs on Thievery

Corporation’s album, The Richest Man In Babylon, although she is perhaps best known for her performance of Gollum’s Song for the 2002 film, Lord Of The Rings: the Two Towers, and breakthrough tracks Sunny Road (off 2005’s Fisherman’s World) and 2009’s Jungle Drum, “a little gem reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra in her heyday” (Clickmusic) that hit the No.1 spot in several European countries. Correspondingly, a series of breath-taking solo albums would result in her reinterpreting some of her back catalogue with pop/chamber music collective, The Colorist Orchestra, on The Colorist and Emiliana Torrini in 2016, before 2023’s Racing The Storm cemented her reputation as one of the industry’s most prolific collaborators. whilst perhaps deferring to a somewhat greater truth: a good deal of us were still yearning for the powerful solitude of her solo recordings.

After two joint records with The Colourist Orchestra, this time the singer has all the creative reins in her own hands again. She was inspired by an old box of letters from her mother that Torrini found in the attic. Her new album "Miss Flower" is a journey back in time to her own past.