FM Belfast Concert @ Fête de Lion, Wil - SA 05.08.2023 - Just Because
FM Belfast Concert at Fête de Lion, Wil on SA 05.08.2023

FM Belfast

SA 05.08.2023
Fête de Lion, Wil

FM Belfast is well known for their colorful, sweat-soaked and fun live shows. For the past decade, they've been all over the place from their hometown Reykjavik to Sydney and Tokyo and back again. Whether it's delayed flights, bankrupt airlines, 27 incidents of lost luggage, nothing will stop them from creating a great moment with you. They've seen it all, they've crowd-surfed at a tiny hamburger place in Norway with less than twenty people in the audience and warmed the stage for The Flaming Lips in Sydney for tens of thousands of dancing people.

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