Franz Ferdinand Concert @ Paléo Festival, Nyon - SO 23.07.2023 - Just Because
Franz Ferdinand Concert at Paléo Festival, Nyon on SO 23.07.2023

Franz Ferdinand

SO 23.07.2023
Paléo Festival, Nyon

Franz Ferdinand have announced details of Hits To The Head, a 20-track greatest hits collection showcasing the world-conquering success of the band’s career to date.

Released on Friday March 11th 2022 on Domino, Hits To The Head also features two brand-new tracks Billy Goodbye and Curious, produced by Alex Kapranos, Julian Corrie and Stuart Price (Dua Lipa, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys). Watch the video for Billy Goodbye, directed by Diane Martel, Alex Kapranos and Ben Cole HERE.

Armed with an astute sense of what constitutes the ‘classic pop song’ (famously proclaiming that they write music ‘to make girls dance to’) the music of Franz Ferdinand continues to resonate globally and over the course of nearly two decades they’ve become, commercially and critically, one of the biggest UK bands in the world, selling over 10 million albums, 1.2 billion streams to date, 14 platinum albums, winning Brit, Ivor Novello + Mercury Prize awards, Grammy nominations and selling 6 million tickets for their incendiary live show worldwide.

Alex Kaprons has written his own version of a PR text about the band history, the new release and the changes within the line-up. An excerpt:

Are you ready for the hyperbole? I’m supposed to tell you about how this era-defining band sold millions of LPs* that all sounded like Best Ofs. That this is the best of those songs which made a generation feel sexy and alive with a blend of dance floor euphoria, electrifying guitars and an easy, erudite lyrical wistfulness. Man, I’m from Glasgow. This is a bit of a beamer. If my friends ever read this, I’ll get such a slagging. That they ricocheted around the planet playing to millions** of people, winning Brit Awards, Mercuries, Grammy nominations***, spearheading a renaissance in British bands, gaining red carpet fans like Kanye West, Hedi Slimane, Nile Rodgers, Marr, Gaga****, Hanks, Dogg and Bowie****, collaborating with icons like Jane Birkin, Daft Punk, Sparks, Justice and Debbie Harry along the way. That they developed a visual aesthetic that was as sharp and wiry as their melodies. Fuck.


Always Ascending came out as a single in late 2017 and we when we were getting ready to go back on tour, we talked about asking someone else to join us. Previously, there had been various fifth members, like Andy Knowles and Scott Paterson who had joined us live at different times, and it always felt good. Now felt like a good time to do it again. Dino Bardot is an old friend from Glasgow. The same Dino that was in the V-Twin that Charlie and Michael played with. It felt so natural when he played with us. Like he was always there. The album came out and we toured. All over the world again, finishing in Latin America in December 2019.

Aye. Then 2020. All that shit. I rebuilt the studio in that old house South of Glasgow during the first lockdown. We felt pretty scattered, but were sending each other ideas and in spring 2021, got together to play again when the restrictions were lifted. But something wasn’t right. Paul said he just couldn’t do it anymore. At first we felt devastated. He was there through so much. We’ve been friends for way longer than FF were together and it felt like such a shock, but when he explained how he was feeling and where his life was, we understood. He will always be our friend. He’s one of the best guys you could know.

Suddenly there was an empty drum stool. Literally. The four of us sat in a room without Paul and it felt weird to say Does anyone know any good drummers? What about Audrey? Audrey Tait? From Hector Bizerk? She’s incredible. Do you think she might be up for it? Julian gave her a call and she came down that evening. We played and immediately, it was electric. The same, but different. Damn, she’s a great drummer, but also a good laugh and smart.

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