Half Moon Run Concert @ Kaufleuten, Zürich - TU 26.09.2023 - Just Because
Half Moon Run Concert at Kaufleuten, Zürich on TU 26.09.2023

Half Moon Run

TU 26.09.2023
Kaufleuten, Zürich

Support: FLYTE

Doors: 19h00
Flyte: 19h30
Half Moon Run: 20h30

Half Moon Run belong to the spearhead of the Canadian indie and alternative scene thanks to their albums "Dark Eyes" (2012), "Sun Leads Me On" (2015) and "A Blemish in the Great Light" (2019). With "Seasons of Change" (2020) and "Inwards & Onwards", the Canadians have since released two more EPs.

The four musicians and friends from Montreal are known for their melodious and thoughtful song constructs between the freshness of the spring sun and the darkness of a cool full moon night. On tracks like "Turn Your Love", "Full Circle" or "Call Me In The Afternoon" you can find indie rock as well as psychedelic folk and alt pop.

The multi-instrumentalists have never allowed themselves to be pigeonholed since the band was founded in 2010 and always surprise with their complexity and diversity. But without losing their accessibility and infectious nature.

With the single "You Can Let Go", the Canadians mark their return in the beginning of March 2023. The verses of the song are reminiscent of the Montreal band's earliest hits, at least until the fever breaks out and the chorus turns into sublime harmonies: "You can let go that weight you carry with you". The fourth album is finally in sight. Since "A Blemish in the Great Light" (2019), there has been a global pandemic and big changes in the live music industry. In the meantime, the band has put out three releases - two EPs and a collection of reworked "isolation versions" of older songs. Also, their fourth member, multi-instrumentalist Isaac Symonds, has moved to a rural life out west.

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