Hooverphonic Concert @ Bierhübeli, Bern - SA 19.03.2022 - Just Because
Hooverphonic Concert at Bierhübeli, Bern on SA 19.03.2022


SA 19.03.2022
Bierhübeli, Bern

New date for the postponed show of 09.03.2022

Dear Hooverphonic fans

We are terribly sorry to disappoint you, but we have to postpone the first two shows of our tour. An unfortunate case of Covid-19 in the band makes it impossible to play the dates in Bern and Aarau. The show in Bern will now take place on 19 March, and we're still looking for a new Aarau opportunity. We will communicate a date as soon as we have found one in our schedule. Of course, your tickets remain valid until further notice. The rest of the tour will not be impacted by this momentary disruption. Stay safe and see you soon!

Love, Hooverphonic

Hooverphonic is a Belgian music group formed in October 1995. Originally, they were classified in the trip hop genre, but soon broadened their musical style to include elements of rock and pop. The group's founding members were Liesje Sadonius (singer), Frank Duchêne (keyboardist), Alex Callier (bassist and programmer) and Raymond Geerts (guitarist). Over the years, the band has undergone several member changes, but Alex Callier has remained the core member and creative driving force behind the group. Hooverphonic has released several successful albums, including "A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular" in 1996 and "The Magnificent Tree" in 2000. Their music is characterised by atmospheric melodies, elegant arrangements and the haunting vocals of their female singers. They also represented Belgium at Eurovision in 2020 with the song "Release Me". Today, Hooverphonic continues to create captivating music and perform live with their unique style.

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