Jane's Addiction Concert @ X-Tra, Zürich - MO 10.06.2024 - Just Because
Jane's Addiction Concert at X-Tra, Zürich on MO 10.06.2024

Jane's Addiction

MO 10.06.2024
X-Tra, Zürich

Doors: 19h00
Second Function: 20h00
Jane's Addiction: 21h00

In collaboration with Ishtar Music

Great bands break the rules, but legends write their own. Jane's Addiction were one of the first bands to break down the rigid boundaries between heavy metal and rock in the 80s with a mixture of brute riffs, hypnotically aggressive rhythms and stylistically unfamiliar approaches (punk, folk). The band played a key role in shaping the new alternative music scene with a combination of genre-breaking songs and a cinematic live experience.

Perry Farrell is one of the most visionary and enigmatic frontmen in the music world. His vocals are bursting with vibrancy, vulnerability and vitality. Guitar god Dave Navarro conjures up psychedelic and epic riffs at the same time. Stephen Perkins' Tribal Stomp remains hypnotic and captivating. The band has created a sound the world has never heard before. It's as riff-heavy as it is sensitive. Farrell's lyrics describe the stranger sides of life and tell personal stories that are as memorable to fans as Navarro's licks.

Since their debut "Nothing's Shocking" (1988), Jane's Addiction have released four studio albums and three live albums. Their last studio album "The Great Escape Artist" was released in 2011 and "Alive At 25" in 2017, a live recording to mark the anniversary of their groundbreaking work "Ritual De Lo Habitual". Founding members Farrell, Navarro, Perkins and Chaney reunited for the show. In spring 2023, Jane's Addiction played a brand new track, "True Love", for the first time at a show. A hint of more fresh music from the icons. The band also announced a reunion with founding member Eric Avery in an interview with Rolling Stone. Jane's Addiction are back and will be honouring Switzerland again in 2024 for the first time in what feels like an eternity.

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