Johnossi Concert @ Dynamo, Zürich - TH 02.06.2022 - Just Because
Johnossi Concert at Dynamo, Zürich on TH 02.06.2022


TH 02.06.2022
Dynamo, Zürich


Johnossi return with their new studio album "Torch // Flame"! The records has produced and mixed by Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Viagra Boys, Refused etc). Together with Pelle and their longtime touring musician and keyboard player Mattias Franzén they isolated themselves in an old mansion in the countryside north of Stockholm during the full month of September. The complete album was recorded in these big salons. A recording process that was quite the opposite compared to the last album where the band experimented a bit with using more pop leaning producers. Longer The Wait, Harder The Fall as well as all other songs on the album is written by John and Ossi together with above mentioned Mattias as a tight and close unit.

Johnossi might have reached some sort of full circle this time around by chasing their own tail. Moving forward by looking backwards. Going into the making of this album John and Ossi talked a lot about the past and remembered when they started out as youngsters and learning their craft individually. The love for their instruments. Ossi shut the door to his boy room and tortured his kit day and night. To try to win the battle of the loudest noise within the band, John had to plug in his acoustic guitar to an amplifier. There and then is where Johnossi found their sound. Although that’s a long time ago now, the battle between guitars and drums still remains within the band… On this new music John actually mainly uses his very first amp that his mom bought for him from a community youth club when he was 17 years old. Going for a vibe that sounds great already during the actual recordings and using basic instruments only - guitars, drums and keyboards. That being said - this is by no means retro sounding.

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