Johnossi Concert @ Mascotte, Zürich - TU 06.04.2021 - Just Because
Johnossi Concert at Mascotte, Zürich on TU 06.04.2021


TU 06.04.2021
Mascotte, Zürich

With Oskar "Ossi" Bonde, you wouldn't want to be a drumstick. The drummer and namesake of the back half of Johnossi beats his instrument so mercilessly that you really feel sorry for the poor sticks. However, the pity is short-lived and is swept away with the next power riff from John Engelbert. The Swedes will be back in autumn with album number eight, and the single "San Antonio" offers a first taste. Keyboardist Matthias Franzén, who has been part of the extended duo since the album Transitions (2013), also co-wrote the track. Johnossi made a name for themselves early on. Founded in 2004, they needed just three live shows to land a record deal. With a hit single like Man Must Dance and their explosive live presence, this is hardly surprising. With their latest album Mad Gone Wild (2022), the indie rock duo was nominated for a Swedish Grammy and performed at the prestigious award show in Stockholm.

If you do everything right at a Johnossi concert, you won't have a voice once it's over. What's The Point, Roscoe, 18 Karat Gold, Execution Song and countless other hits entice you to dance and sing out loud.