Jordan Klassen Concert @ Werkstatt, Chur - WE 11.09.2024 - Just Because
Jordan Klassen Concert at Werkstatt, Chur on WE 11.09.2024

Jordan Klassen

WE 11.09.2024
Werkstatt, Chur

One becomes two. Something wonderful happened to Jordan Klassen during the writing process of his last album. When he was working on his seventh work Glossolalia, he drifted off in a different direction musically. He used this fork in the road to work on two complementary records in parallel. While Glossolalia contains mostly dreamy folk reduced to guitar, Marginalia sounds smoother, fuller and more elegant than its predecessor. The two musical sides of the coin merge into one.

The title Marginalia comes from literature. They can be footnotes, notes or scribbles in the margins of a page. Jordan Klassen uses this metaphor in his texts to describe the margins of life, away from the mainstream. It is therefore an immersion in topics that you first have to explore. The image continues into the lyrics. It's about things that we don't find in direct sunlight, but rather in the dim light of the moon. The moon of his sign is supernatural in folklore. Klassen emphasises this in the lead single Cocoon, when he sings: "If love is a madness, then I am howling at the moon". Jordan Klassen draws his inspiration from acts such as Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Paul Simon and Simon & Garfunkel. But he is also open to pop influences. In his Bandcamp biography, the singer describes his music in one sentence that summarises everything beautifully: Fairy-folk for troubled times from Vancouver, British Columbia. We are looking forward to his musical balm for the troubled soul when the Canadian comes to Zurich in September.