Jordan Mackampa Concert @ Papiersaal, Zürich - WE 24.11.2021 - Just Because
Jordan Mackampa Concert at Papiersaal, Zürich on WE 24.11.2021

Jordan Mackampa

WE 24.11.2021
Papiersaal, Zürich

To all my friends & fans across Europe, it’s with a very heavy heart and deep regret, that due to the nature of this pandemic & COVID-19 cases on the rise, I’ll have to cancel my upcoming European tour

I’m very lucky to have fans, like yourselves, in so many different countries, who are so understanding and patient during this strange times — when I get back there, I promise it’ll be like nothing has changed, we’ll be singing & dancing together once again.

I’ll be seeing you soon,

All my love always,
JM xx

Jordan Mackampa punctuates his jazzy, soul-soaked, folk tunes with poetic lyrics and enriches the mix with his soulful, warm voice. His evocative songs are documents of his life as an outsider; his sound is also a melting pot of cultures, spanning from his birthplace in the Republic of Congo to a hip-hop-obsessed childhood in north London to his teenage years in Coventry, where he immersed himself in indie rock.

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