Klischée Concert @ Gaswerk Eventbar, Seewen - FR 01.10.2021 - Just Because
Klischée Concert at Gaswerk Eventbar, Seewen on FR 01.10.2021


FR 01.10.2021
Gaswerk Eventbar, Seewen

The sense of ease with Klischée
We had almost forgotten the sense of ease; that feeling of letting go as if there were no tomorrow. The EP «Late Check-Out» is the soundtrack of a musical renovation inspired by hotel visits around the world – stories of club sandwiches eaten in the hotel lobby, of endless nights in nightclubs, of weekends spent in Beijing and room parties in Hong Kong, of midnight snacks in Berlin and nightcaps in Grand Hotels.

Dancing in the hotel pools with vocal guests, braving bars of empty rooms at three in the morning. Each track tells of experiences and encounters happened on tour – when one still could go. The songs bring you on a journey, from the lobby to the rooftop bar. Since we cannot travel, we let ourselves be carried away, disinhibited, as if no one was watching. Be quiet, indulge and enjoy. Until the very last moment – Late Check-Out.

Who is Klischée?
Klischée is the story of four talented musicians and friends with roots in Berne and the Valais. Founded as a loose multicultural collective, Klischée is often selecting a reinforcement of their team – both musically in the studio and at countless energy-laden concerts throughout Europe and China. Klischée’s music is a modern hybrid sound: a healthy dose of electronic, good melodies, strong vocals in French and English paired with danceable beats and their signature live horn sound. All this is accompanied by appropriate visuals and an amazing light show. Klischée is thus an all-round audiovisual experience.

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