Linda Elys Concert @ AHOI Festival, Buochs - FR 31.05.2024 - Just Because
Linda Elys Concert at AHOI Festival, Buochs on FR 31.05.2024

Linda Elys

FR 31.05.2024
AHOI Festival, Buochs

Linda Elys, a Swiss newcomer with a voice that touches the soul and is truly unique, is on the verge of making her long-held dream come true. Her passion for gracing grand stages and singing her original compositions has been an unwavering flame since her childhood.

After auditioning for "The Voice of Germany" at the age of 19 and reaching the finals, Linda's music journey truly began. Although she didn't win the competition, it marked the start of her career. Back in Switzerland, Linda made her way to the studio, where she began creating her own pop/folk-style songs with the guidance of her producer, Benjamin Schmid, also known as Bnji. Her debut EP is currently in the works, and excitement is growing as her first single, set for release on October 13th, is getting closer.

Linda eagerly awaits the moment she can share her music with the world and connect with people through her heartfelt melodies.