Lostboi Lino Concert @ Musig i de Altstadt, Aarau - FR 26.08.2022 - Just Because
Lostboi Lino Concert at Musig i de Altstadt, Aarau on FR 26.08.2022

Lostboi Lino

FR 26.08.2022
Musig i de Altstadt, Aarau

Free entry

What can you expect from a Lostboi Lino concert? Too much guitars for rap, too much grunge for indie and too poppy for rock. Stagedives? Of course. Sadness? More like happy melancholy... But above all you can expect one thing, a safe space where everyone is welcomed!

Growing up in the suburbs of this world, where everything seemed to be fine. But sometimes things happen that are not really possible. When one's brother takes his own life and is suddenly no longer around, everything spins out of control. As a child of divorce in search of a home, music was probably the only place where Lostboi Lino didn't feel lost.

Lostboi Lino wears his scars as tattoos on his skin. His voice searches its way into your heart between rap, indie and grunge. With his distinctive voice and his dirty melancholic sound he sings hymns for a lost generation searching for their place.