Lostboi Lino Concert @ Stäcketöri Freiluft Festival , Zäziwil - FR 23.06.2023 - Just Because
Lostboi Lino Concert at Stäcketöri Freiluft Festival , Zäziwil on FR 23.06.2023

Lostboi Lino

FR 23.06.2023
Stäcketöri Freiluft Festival , Zäziwil

LL is back and announces his first "real" album. "Phase" is angry, wrathful and emotional. Sky high to death angry young "Boi" tells about his life and different phases you go through. A whole big album with a pink thread. Grunge and 90s meets trap and 2023. Its not a phase, it's just a phase! Lostboi Lino loves associations, building up expectations and playing with the supposed disappointment. He sings cheerful melancholy and raps intelligent punk. Lostboi Lino loves rebels: Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, Rio Reiser, Udo Lindenberg or Lil Peep. If you're honest, Lostboi Lino doesn't rap. But if you're honest, he also raps on beats. But only on beats. He also puts feelings on a sound that could come from the musical cosmos of the 90s and has more Seattle grunge in it than New York boombap. But then comes the sub-bass and the 808s and everything is clear. This is NuRap.

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