Martin Kohlstedt Concert @ Echolot Festival, Luzern - TH 26.10.2023 - Just Because
Martin Kohlstedt Concert at Echolot Festival, Luzern on TH 26.10.2023

Martin Kohlstedt

TH 26.10.2023
Echolot Festival, Luzern

Martin Kohlstedt is among the outstanding composers, pianists and producers for instrumental music and electronica. His past albums and their respective reworks were rewarded with international recognition and concert tours throughout the whole world.

He describes his style of work as modular composition; his pieces are always in movement and never resort to a definitive form – even during concerts. Improvisation is an important part of his creative process, and so are the interaction with his audience on equal footing, the courage and sometimes audacity to fail and the interaction with people, space and context.