Monument Concert @ Stars in Town, Schaffhausen - TH 08.08.2024 - Just Because
Monument Concert at Stars in Town, Schaffhausen on TH 08.08.2024


TH 08.08.2024
Stars in Town, Schaffhausen

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MONUMENT composes an organic rock tinged with calibrated repetitions. The quintet with a wide sound spectrum delivers a powerful, melancholic and contemplative sound, sometimes sweet. The influences of the group are diverse, just like its musicians: the group is composed of members coming from different musical currents of the current scene, as much jazz as rock, while passing by electronic music. Thus, the combination of a powerful sound, all in clarity, with complex rhythms makes account of the diversity and the complementarity of the musicians who form this project. More and more, the band is experimenting with the addition of keyboards and exploring shorter song formats while refocusing the voice, as on the track BODIES, first single from the album ABYSS.

Since its inception, the band has played concerts in French and German-speaking Switzerland and released a 1st EP in December 2017, recorded at Rec Studio with Serge Moratell. The band will record its first album in August 2020 and will release it on March 24, 2023 on the Hummus Records label. Two music videos will accompany the album release and will be directed by the Exit Void collective.

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