Nathan Ball Concert @ Papiersaal, Zürich - TU 30.11.2021 - Just Because
Nathan Ball Concert at Papiersaal, Zürich on TU 30.11.2021

Nathan Ball

TU 30.11.2021
Papiersaal, Zürich

Dear Fans of Nathan Ball

We had SO been looking forward to welcoming Nathan Ball live in Switzerland again, but now we are devastated having to inform you, that the newly introduced travel restrictions are unfortunately making it impossible for him to come to Switzerland and play these shows.

We are very sorry having to inform you, that the concert of Nathan Ball concert planned for tomorrow, TUESDAY 30 NOVEMBER 2021 at the Papiersaal cannot take place - in light of the situation around the pandemic he had to cancel his entire tour.

Please note that all ticketholders will be contacted and informed about refunds individually by email through their ticket vendor.

Below you find his message to his fans:

«• Shows Cancelled •

This feels totally insane to have to do this once again as I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve had to… but I am beyond gutted and devastated to have to announce we are cancelling all the shows in Switzerland, Netherlands, France and Germany over the next few weeks.

The van was packed and ready to go, but we saw the new lockdown and quarantine announcements and spiralling Covid cases throughout Europe, and it has just become impossible and unsafe for us to be able to make these shows happen.

I’m so sorry to everyone who has held onto these tickets for so long now, it is heartbreaking that we can’t get out there to play these shows for you, but it is just beyond our control.

On another note, as I was on the phone to my manager who delivered the news, the postman came down the drive with 150 t-shirts for the tour, so if by any chance you’re in the market for a new t-shirt and fancy helping a brother out, they are available via my website… I’ll write a handwritten note with each one bought over the next week. Sorry once again, I love you all very much and hope to see you very soon x »

Support: Ginger And The Alchemists (solo)

It has been a creative year for Nathan, after moving to Cornwall, one of his favourite spots to draw inspiration from, he’s felt new sense of freedom in writing and performing music. 2022 saw him tour extensively through the UK, Europe and Australia utilising small and unusual spaces to create intimate and unique experiences, far unlike the usual sticky floored venues of old.

Finding inspiration in the outdoors, much of Nathan's material is connected to his surroundings. “It’s where I write best; by the sea, in the mountains, in the woods. I love being totally immersed in nature so naturally those themes find their way into the music. I love being in the ocean – just being in it and feeling totally insignificant. It’s a reminder of the order of things.” Nathan’s work fuses two chief loves – classic song writing and an eagerness to experiment and push sonic boundaries.

This year, after releasing an EP full of new music, he’s taking on massive venues with the undeniable Ziggy Alberts all across the UK.

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