Nnavy Concert @ Tohu-Bohu Festival, Veyras - TH 31.08.2023 - Just Because
Nnavy Concert at Tohu-Bohu Festival, Veyras on TH 31.08.2023


TH 31.08.2023
Tohu-Bohu Festival, Veyras

Supporting Barbara Hendrix

NNAVY is a Swiss singer-songwriter who has captured the hearts of audiences with her soulful and emotive voice. Her debut EP "Blue" and follow-up "In Good Company" showcase her unique and personal style, which blends R&B, soul, and jazz influences. She has played at prestigious festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival and Mama Music & Convention in Paris, and has opened for established acts like Arlo Parks, Alfa Mist, and Ben l'Oncle Soul. Her powerful and emotive stage presence has captivated audiences, leaving them spellbound. With over 10 million streams on Spotify, NNAVY's music has found a devoted following worldwide.

NNAVY's new and third EP "No Promises" is out now. With her powerful voice, she continues to establish herself as one of the most exciting and promising new artists in the Soul/R&B music scene.