Noah Kahan Concert @ Kaufleuten, Zürich - SO 07.04.2019 - Just Because
Noah Kahan Concert at Kaufleuten, Zürich on SO 07.04.2019

Noah Kahan

SO 07.04.2019
Kaufleuten, Zürich

21-year-old singer/songwriter, Noah Kahan, laces his music with a youthful wisdom; nostalgia and whimsy taking a back seat to honesty and wit. His debut single, “Young Blood,” reads as a letter of encouragement to himself as he embarks on this adventure of unexpected challenges and revelations. His break out single, "Hurt Somebody," is propelled by lithe acoustic guitars, an impressive vocal range, and features Grammy-nominated artist Julia Michaels. Noah's latest single “False Confidence" highlights his penchant for honest reflection and clever songwriting, offering fans a look inside his own insecurities as a songwriter and musician.

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