Palko!Muski Concert @ Kammgarn, Schaffhausen - FR 08.12.2023 - Just Because
Palko!Muski Concert at Kammgarn, Schaffhausen on FR 08.12.2023


FR 08.12.2023
Kammgarn, Schaffhausen

 Polka, Gipsypunk and Punk – these terms should be enough to describe what PALKO!MUSKI is all about. It’s about dancing. Like crazy. It’s about bringing the house down. And something else holds true too: It’s about making really good music! 
 PALKO!MUSKI is a live experience.

Over the course of countless gigs both at home and abroad, PALKO!MUSKI have reliably proven that they are more than capable of getting the crowd going. And the crowd is grateful for it. During every show the band goes wild as if it were their last night. The performance of these five musicians resembles an ecstatic-euphoric spectacle, which immediately spreads and makes the audience part of the show before they even know it. Delirium is given free rein.

PALKO!MUSKI have made a name for themselves with their rousing and exuberant live acts. They played most of Switzerland's hip and happening venues, as well as major festivals in Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy such as Paléo Festival, Festi'Neuch, Montreux Jazz Festival, Venoge Festival, St. Gallen Openair, Blue Balls Festival or Label Suisse.