Special info: CONCERTS & EVENTS in the times of the Corona Crisis

We are glad that, after the last months, during which most cultural events had to be cancelled or postponed as a result of the measures taken by the Swiss Federal Council in order to restrict the spreading of the coronavirus, live concerts are slowly coming back into our lives.

However, despite the official decision to allow events with above 1’000 visitors again as of October 2020, artists and concert organisers still have to deal with constantly changing and regionally differing measures – ranging from new limitations in the canton of Zurich, via registering-apps to mandatory mask-wearing or distancing rules in other places.

Therefore, we advise you to always check the official information of each event-location directly to inform yourself about the most accurate status and regulation of the concert you want to attend. Additionally, we would like to encourage every music-fan to use the Swiss Covid App, as we strongly believe that the more people act responsibly and observe the health-recommendations, the sooner we will succeed as a community to make attending social events secure again.

In the meantime, we are trying to keep you updated as good as possible about any changes in the corresponding artist & show information pages as well as via our social media channels.

Stay healthy, follow the recommended hygiene procedures and don’t lose your love for music!
Thank you, your team at Just Because.

Sam Fender Concert at Halle 622, Zürich on MO 07.09.2020

Sam Fender

MO 07.09.2020
Halle 622, Zürich

SAM FENDER, Mo. 07. September 2020, Halle 622, Zürich

Liebe Fans von SAM FENDER

Obwohl es aufgrund der noch geltenden Einschränkungen für Veranstaltungen mit über 1000 Besucher*innen bis Ende September absehbar war, dass dieses Konzert leider nicht wie geplant stattfinden kann, bedauern wir sehr, dass uns heute keine andere Möglichkeit mehr bleibt, als das Konzertdatum ersatzlos abzusagen.

Da wir uns wohl genau wie alle Fans sehr auf das erste grössere Konzert von Sam Fender in der Schweiz freuten, war es uns ein dringendes Anliegen, eine Absage wie diese zu verhindern. Aus diesem Grund haben wir bis zuletzt intensiv daran gearbeitet, ein Verschiebedatum oder eine andere Lösung zu finden.

Doch leider verursachen die sich ständig ändernden behördlichen Massnahmen und Regelungen zur Eindämmung der Pandemie – nicht nur in der Schweiz, sondern international – eine fast unüberwindbare Planungsunsicherheit. Es war dem Team um Sam Fender unter diesen Umständen unmöglich ein zuverlässig realisierbares neues Datum zu finden.

Wir möchten uns deshalb an dieser Stelle für diese sehr späte Absage entschuldigen und hoffen, dass die Umstände gegen Ende des nächsten Jahres es zulassen werden, Sam Fender erneut in die Schweiz zu holen.

The Critically Acclaimed Debut Album “Hypersonic Missiles” Rockets Straight To Number 1!

“[It’s] hard not to imagine the stadium potential of these songs… skyscraper guitars and choruses that accelerate into a surging, full-throttle blast” **** - Q

“excels at documenting small-town frustration…there are no easy answers here, but Sam Fender’s asking the right questions” **** - NME

“Gloriously anthemic… an album that sounds not just like a hit, but a loud announcement of a striking talent with the space and potential to mature and develop. Which might make it a perfect debut.” **** - The Guardian

“[an] astonishing debut…the early indications of somebody who could be the voice of a generation.” **** - The Independent

“vital and exciting” - **** - The Times

“Superb.” – The Sunday Times

“What a joy to find a young British guitar-playing singer-songwriter wrestling with big issues of the world at large… Every song bristles with explosive ideas.” **** - The Telegraph

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