Sean Koch Concert @ Dynamo, Zürich - FR 07.10.2022 - Just Because
Sean Koch Concert at Dynamo, Zürich on FR 07.10.2022

Sean Koch

FR 07.10.2022
Dynamo, Zürich

Support: Felipe Baldomir

With Sean Koch, the sunny, light vibes of South African surfer life are coming back to Switzerland. During his two-year sabbatical in South Africa, he has been busy writing new music, including the 5-track EP "Feeling" and his second studio album. Raised in the small village of Kommitjie just outside Cape Town, where life is defined by the waves and the tides, Koch shares lessons learned from life on the Cape and extensive touring in his light yet profound songs like "Lift You Up" and "Rebel". Rootsy indie folk meets singer-songwriter art with an electronic twist.

Fans of Jeremy Loops, Matthew Mole or Xavier Rudd will also find themselves in Koch's music.