Sean Koch Concert at Schüür, Luzern on SO 20.05.2018

Sean Koch

SO 20.05.2018
Schüür, Luzern
Sean Koch brings with him the sunny and easy vibes of the South African surf life. He was born and raised in the small village of Komitjie just outside of Cape Town, where the people live by the waves and the tide. In his easy listening but profound songs, Sean deals with the lessons learned from his life in the Cape.

Central to Sean’s life philosophy is that the good times are a just a stretch away and its all up to you to make it happen. Sean Koch epitomises this philosophy in the way he lives his life and is echoed in the song Good Times Keep Rolling. In combination with the optimism and simplicity, with which the 26-year old is living his life, the first EP “Natural Projection” came into being. This work has the potential to tell a whole life story in just five tracks. Sean’s songs are telling both the ups and downs along the way. But always making sure that with the right flow the downs are likely to be overcome.

His deep connection to nature and the simple but adventurous way of living typical for his South African homeland are branding his unique sounds as much as his striking voice. Accompanied by his long-standing friends Shaun Cloete and Ross Hillier, who always got his back, this trio has the power to bring their positive energy to the whole world.

Let their vibes roadtrip through your ears to your mind to keep your good times rolling!

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