Selah Sue Concert @ Venoge Festival, Penthalaz - SA 19.08.2023 - Just Because
Selah Sue Concert at Venoge Festival, Penthalaz on SA 19.08.2023

Selah Sue

SA 19.08.2023
Venoge Festival, Penthalaz

On her third album "Persona", the Belgian singer reviews some of the personalities she has adopted in the course of her life (the lover, the hedonist, the anxious...) and embarks on a journey to herself with her honest tracks, which mark her comeback after a break of several years. For the occasion, she has surrounded herself with a select line-up that includes the incisive rapper Damso.

The 32-year-old Selah Sue is one of the pillars of the current Belgian scene with an impressive vibrancy (from Stromae to Angèle to Lous and The Yakuza). Persona marks an artistic renewal, but at the same time offers a constant: Selah Sue's distinctive voice, at once drenched in warm soul and infused with blues.

This sunny timbre alone contains all the singer's personalities, from her optimism, explosive energy and feverish spurts with which she can thrill entire crowds, to her maturity, shyness, intimate cracks and beguiling charm. Following Socrates' famous motto "Know thyself", Selah Sue finds her balance and strides more confidently and serenely towards the light.