Simple Plan Concert @ Les Docks, Lausanne - WE 24.01.2024 - Just Because
Simple Plan Concert at Les Docks, Lausanne on WE 24.01.2024

Simple Plan

WE 24.01.2024
Les Docks, Lausanne

From their rise to MTV superstardom in the new millennium to the modern resurgence of pop-punk, Simple Plan have been an indelible part of pop culture for more than two decades because they never lost sight of what got them there in the first place: their fans. The Montreal band has gone multi-platinum and sold over 10 million albums worldwide. Even in the streaming and Tik-Tok age, they can hold their own. The formation around singer and bassist Pierre Bouvier records over 1 billion streams across all platforms. The trending #ImJustAKid on Tik Tok has over 4.3 billion views and the hashtag #ImJustAKidChallenge over 590.9 million, and rising.

Numerous prizes and awards in over 60 countries are further cornerstones of Simple Plan. For the band, however, it is first and foremost about the personal connection to each and every fan. Exactly this feeling of mutual respect was already evident on "The Antidote", the first single from their sixth studio album "Harder Than It Looks", which was released in May 2022. It is the first new album since 2016's "Taking One For The Team" and the most authentic Simple Plan record since 2004's "Still Not Getting Any".

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