Steaming Satellites Concert @ Werkk, Baden - SA 10.04.2021 - Just Because
Steaming Satellites Concert at Werkk, Baden on SA 10.04.2021

Steaming Satellites

SA 10.04.2021
Werkk, Baden

Since their debut album "Neurotic Handshake at the Local Clown Party" (2006), STEAMING SATELLITES have been touring all over Europe and also in the USA, making a name for themselves not only as an impressive live act: In 2014 they were nominated for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award, wrote songs for film soundtracks (among others for "Das finstere Tal") and made it into the Austrian charts with all three of their last albums "Slipstream" (2013), "Steaming Satellites" (2015) and "Back from Space" (2018).

With their current album "ANDROMEDA", Steaming Satellites around singer/songwriter Max Borchardt devote themselves to the love of Motown and in the process an emotionally exciting and genre-spanning potpourri has been created. The formation is always open for new things, but never loses sight of their great strengths: straight songwriting with catchy choruses paired with danceable guitar and synth sounds.

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