Suma Covjek Concert @ Altes Kino, Mels - SA 23.09.2023 - Just Because
Suma Covjek Concert at Altes Kino, Mels on SA 23.09.2023

Suma Covjek

SA 23.09.2023
Altes Kino, Mels

Krankheitsbedingt konnte das Konzert von Šuma Čovjek diesen Samstag, 25. März, im Alten Kino in Mels nicht stattfinden. Tickets behalten für das neue Datum ihre Gültigkeit.

In January 2022, the Swiss musicians from Šuma Čovjek released their second album "Fata Morgana" including 12 new songs. The album was created in a time of great doubts.

It remained unknown where the journey with these songs would go, when concerts or a tour would be possible. Through this fog of uncertainty, we drew a mirage of new beginnings in the distance. A mirage as a goal that gave hope, perspective, motivated us to go the way; always knowing that we would be able to do the journey alone. Not least because of this, many of the new songs are dedicated to the people around us who have contributed to us being where we are today. Šuma Čovjek's sound remains unmistakable, offering lovingly staged songs that range from melancholic ballads to rhythmic Balkan pop. Linguistically, one can once again look forward to acrobatic leaps between French, Croatian and Arabic.

Šuma Čovjek released their first album, “No Man's Land”, in 2018. The accompanying single "Bouge ton coeur" was one of the most played songs on SRF3 in 2018. The highlights of their concert tours so far have been performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Open Air St. Gallen, Zermatt Unplugged and the Winterthurer Musikfestwochen.