Suma Covjek Concert @ Dachstock, Bern - FR 25.02.2022 - Just Because
Suma Covjek Concert at Dachstock, Bern on FR 25.02.2022

Suma Covjek

FR 25.02.2022
Dachstock, Bern
Vos noms (“your names” in French) is a tribute to all the people who engage themselves every day to make life worth living, yet they remain in the background. These people often contribute significantly to the success of others, yet they remain anonymous. Our personal paths and roads should bear their names. This song is also an attempt to consider further the question of the "systemic relevance" of paid and unpaid labour.

Šuma Čovjek's sound remains unmistakable, offering lovingly staged songs that range from melancholic ballads to rhythmic Balkan pop. Linguistically, one can once again look forward to acrobatic leaps between French, Croatian and Arabic.

The pictures for the single and album covers were taken by the award-winning Swiss photographer Dominik Nahr. The videos were once again created by Serbian filmmakers Jelena Gavrilović and Marko Milovanović.

More singles will follow in autumn and winter, before the band’s club tour kicks off in January 2022 with around 15 concerts.

Šuma Čovjek released their first album, “No Man's Land”, in 2018. The accompanying single "Bouge ton coeur" was one of the most played songs on SRF3 in 2018. The highlights of their concert tours so far have been performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Open Air St. Gallen, Zermatt
Unplugged and Heitere Open Air.