The Babe Rainbow Concert @ Gonzo, Zürich - FR 02.03.2018 - Just Because
The Babe Rainbow Concert at Gonzo, Zürich on FR 02.03.2018

The Babe Rainbow

FR 02.03.2018
Gonzo, Zürich

Peace warriors of the new paradigm; The Babe Rainbow! Jungle music. World music. Music to make love to.

Debut 12T album recorded in "magicland" Byron Bay NSW by the band and produced by Stu Mckenzie of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard H.Q.

These songs are stories from our lives, think-pieces, colours of a rainbow rainbow rainbow. The love of our lives. Beach party.

Babe Rainbow Party. Jack 'Cool-Breeze' and Angus Darling of the band met in high school and began a songwriting partnership that would become Babe Rainbow. Though not until late in 2015 while travelling in France would they meet Lu-Lu-Felix Domingo a Venezuelan pianist and the asparagus trio complete.

Accompanied is the debut album from the Byron Bay band. So folks, enjoy, and expect much much much much much much more colours and monkey sound from over the rainbow bridge very very soon. LOVE

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