The Builders & The Butchers Concert @ Grabenhalle, St. Gallen - FR 05.05.2023 - Just Because
The Builders & The Butchers Concert at Grabenhalle, St. Gallen on FR 05.05.2023

The Builders & The Butchers

FR 05.05.2023
Grabenhalle, St. Gallen

The Builders and the Butchers were formed in the fall of 2005 in Portland, Oregon. The band’s first two years consisted of busking, playing house shows, and showing up unannounced anywhere around Portland where people were gathered. Folks began to take notice and the band transitioned slowly, going from playing on the floor of venues unplugged to gradually adding a mic here, an amp there, until they organically grew into one of the most exciting live acts in the Pacific Northwest. Even when plugged in, a cornerstone of almost every builders show is playing on the floor at some point during the set.

In the past few years the members of The Builders and the Butchers have laid roots all around the world, coming together for shows, writing and tours whenever they can. The members are all originally from Alaska. Justin bought a home in Colorado and makes Gin and Whiskey for a living. Willy has been a captain on a ship based in Malta for the past couple of years. Harvey lives with his family in Washington state and Ryan, Paul and Ray reside in Portland, Oregon. With all of the logistics and facing a pandemic, wild fires and massive rioting in their hometown, Hell & High Water was a challenging, yet cathartic record to make. The Builders wrote Hell & High Water together as a band in a boat house in the marina where Willy lives.

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