The Gardener & The Tree Concert @ Schüür, Luzern - TH 01.02.2024 - Just Because
The Gardener & The Tree Concert at Schüür, Luzern on TH 01.02.2024

The Gardener & The Tree

TH 01.02.2024
Schüür, Luzern

With brand new songs, a new band formation & lots of good vibes The Gardener & The Tree will once again set off and tour the cities of Europe in 2024. An event, not to be missed: The Gardener & The Tree gift their audience with an inspiring feeling of togetherness, in a way they become part of the band, dancing to their unmistakable folk-pop tunes and drifting off to the sweet melancholy of the autobiographical ballads. Manuel Felder's unmistakable voice touches the heart, resonates with people of all generations and makes for a wonderful live experience.

The Gardener & The Tree return with evergreens like "Postcards", "Wild Horses" or "Mama's Guitar" as well as freshly baked tracks, remaining committed to their folk DNA but with new influences noticeable in an inspiring way, setting banging accents and sparkles in the ranks of the existing repertoire. With -SILVER LINING- The boys are ready for the next chapter, full of hope, passion and the need to bring unheard melodies to the stage.