The Haunted Youth Concert @ Schüür, Luzern - TU 14.11.2023 - Just Because
The Haunted Youth Concert at Schüür, Luzern on TU 14.11.2023

The Haunted Youth

TU 14.11.2023
Schüür, Luzern

We are so sorry that we have to write this, but due to unforeseen circumstances we need to cancel 4 shows in Austria and Switzerland. We won't be able to make it to: Lucerne (14 Nov), Aarau (15 Nov), Dornbirn (16 Nov) and Linz (17 Nov). Thank you for your understanding and we will be back soon, we promise.

Take care x

The Haunted Youth became indie darlings in Belgium and the Netherlands with their very first single. Early singles like 'Coming Home' and 'Gone' also attracted immediate attention in the UK and the US, earning praise from greats like Consequence, KEXP, KCRW and NME. Now the band around singer Joachim Liebens has released their debut album 'Dawn of the Freak'. With all the highs The Haunted Youth have experienced so far, Liebens has also had low points in life. Making music is a way for him to face the demons of his past and write them out of his system. "It's a therapy, a way to deal with my existence," says the singer.

The music is reminiscent of the shoegaze and dream pop of idols like Slowdive, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine and DIIV. But the band also has a very characteristic and instantly recognisable sound with the typical dreamy guitars, melancholic synths and Liebens' velvety voice. This band delights both seasoned indie connoisseurs and average festival-goers. This is the only way to explain how quickly the Belgians have earned a reputation as a live sensation.

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