Tom Grennan Concert @ Plaza, Zürich - SO 25.04.2021 - Just Because
Tom Grennan Concert at Plaza, Zürich on SO 25.04.2021

Tom Grennan

SO 25.04.2021
Plaza, Zürich
Tom Grennan is embarking on an exciting new creative chapter with world-class ambitions. He is looking forward to his upcoming new studio album. About it Tom says, "I've called my new album What Ifs & Maybes. It's about relying on your gut, not your head, because you never know what's going to happen. I'm not afraid to jump into the unknown - because that's exciting! It's about rolling the dice and living your best life without losing anything."

2022 was a pivotal year for Tom Grennan. The BRIT and Ivor Novello nominee has already released four top 10 singles in the UK. Two of his platinum anthems, "Little Bit Of Love" and "By Your Side," made the Top 3 most-played songs of the year - both from Tom's UK #1 album "Evering Road."

In August, Grennan landed another top ten hit on the UK singles chart by writing the song "Not Over Yet" and collaborating with KSI, and now the UK breakthrough artist has risen to festival headliner. Get ready for the ride as Tom continues to scale stratospheric heights.

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