Tompaul Concert @ KiFF, Aarau - SA 20.01.2024 - Just Because
Tompaul Concert at KiFF, Aarau on SA 20.01.2024


SA 20.01.2024
KiFF, Aarau

A smoky fumoir in some club, sometime between closing and after hour. Your head is still pounding from the events of last night - or was it the one before? You close your eyes and keep them like that for a moment while you drag on your cigarette. It's a way of life, you tell yourself. A way of life. And TOMPAUL provide you with the soundtrack.

The Swiss electronica trio has played its way through club and festival stages in and outside of Switzerland over the past five years, growing their fan base show by show, carried away with TOMPAUL's attitude to life, ecstasy and wallowing in bittersweet melancholy. During this time, the trio, which includes guitarist and singer Tom Paul Fischer as well as trombonist Florian Brändli and DJ Robin Meier, released several EPs, which received a good amount of airplay on national radio stations and ended up on various well-known playlists. The band blends the songs of these EPs into a single intoxication live, which phase-wise allows all references to space and time to disappear. At their brilliant live shows, the band is also accompanied by drummer Nicolas Struchen - the last brick in the bombastic wall of sound TOMPAUL. Almost three years have now passed since the band released their EP «Wallawer», which was acclaimed by press and audience alike. Apart from a few isolated singles and various tours, TOMPAUL have given little insight into their work since then. That will change now. The trio from Baden is back with new material and come with a clear message: Bigger, more sophisticated and also more trendy. With their new songs «Arras», «Aurora», «Porto» and «Talin», TOMPAUL once again prove that they are a band that wants to play at the top and can do so without any problems. While the influences of contemporaries in the same genre, such as Monolink, Bob Moses and Kerala Dust were clearly audible on their first EPs, TOMPAUL are increasingly approaching what has long been apparent as their own signature sound. It's hard to predict where this band will go next. One thing is clear though: TOMPAUL are back and they mean serious business.