Velvet Two Stripes Concert @ Fri-Son, Fribourg - FR 18.03.2022 - Just Because
Velvet Two Stripes Concert at Fri-Son, Fribourg on FR 18.03.2022

Velvet Two Stripes

FR 18.03.2022
Fri-Son, Fribourg

DSM III release show - During the difficult "covid times" away from stage, Dirty Sound Magnet recorded their next studio album DSM III. The band envisioned a very natural and authentic sound and kept the production simple with just a few microphones and a vintage mixing desk. In the end, it turns out that the trio has never sounded more powerful and organic... 2022 will be magnetic and dirty! Or in Dirty Sound Magnets own words: "On our previous album Transgenic, we dug very deep conceptually. There is a lot of symbolism in there and the soundscapes are very elaborate. I see that album as an abstract painting that has a lot to say about the world. The most natural thing for us was to do the opposite on the next album. The whole album is based on energy and electricity. We came back to the essence of our passion. We wanted to keep the urgency of our live shows and certain sense of danger."

The Swiss trio Velvet Two Stripes will release their fourth album "No Spell For Moving Water" on October 6th 2023. The three musicians once again belt out raw guitar rock, on a bluesy and punky foundation, and surprise with new facets. The nine songs testify to the independence of the three, who know only one direction: forward. No evil spell clings to running water, just as little to this band that is always on the move.