Velvet Two Stripes Concert at Kulturfestival, St.Gallen on FR 17.07.2020

Velvet Two Stripes

FR 17.07.2020
Kulturfestival, St.Gallen

Guitar, bass, drums, vocals and riffs – the recipe is as old as the hills but in the right hands the results can sound as fresh as the first sunbeam in spring. Velvet Two Stripes are four pairs of such hands. Whilst other rock bands often feel the need to keep up with modern times by adding a computer to their sound, Velvet Two Stripes are going in the opposite direction. Having started off with a computer instead of a proper drum set, they have now banned all electronic frippery from their music. As a result, they’re rocking all the harder, louder and prouder. Proof? Their new album, “Devil Dance”, released on 8 February 2019.

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