Velvet Two Stripes Concert @ Valley Beat, Gadmen - SA 07.08.2021 - Just Because
Velvet Two Stripes Concert at Valley Beat, Gadmen on SA 07.08.2021

Velvet Two Stripes

SA 07.08.2021
Valley Beat, Gadmen

Swiss trio Velvet Two Stripes is going to self-release its third album Sugar Honey Iced Tea on October 14th 2021. It’s packed with nine fuzzing and buzzing, kicking and howling beasts of songs. A raw sound based on blues, garage rock and riot grrrl punk, crafted in true D.I.Y.-spirit. It’s the sound of road-warriors that had their unfair share of confrontations, encounters and contradictions that women are experiencing all day every day. But Velvet Two Stripes don’t take that Sugar Honey Iced Tea any longer.