Verdena Concert @ Papiersaal, Zürich - MO 01.05.2023 - Just Because
Verdena Concert at Papiersaal, Zürich on MO 01.05.2023


MO 01.05.2023
Papiersaal, Zürich

Verdena was founded in 1995 by Alberto Ferrari (vocals, guitar), his brother Luca (drums) and Roberta Sammarelli. In 1999, Verdena released their self-titled debut album and its success gave the trio entry into the firmament of Italian alternative rock and they become a pioneer of the genre in Italy. The video for the first single "Valvonauta" is shown on MTV and becomes cult. In Switzerland, the band became known especially after their third album "Il suicidio dei Samurai" in 2004. It sounds international, rocky and carries a nostalgic note of early grunge. After further albums that musically wander between ballads, distorted guitars, strings or Spanish-like acoustic guitars, Verdena released two albums in 2022.

January saw the release of "Latin America. Music inspired by the Film": ,a collection of instrumental pieces composed and orchestrated for the soundtrack of the film of the same name by the D'Innocenzo brothers, which earned the band a nomination for the David di Donatello 2022 in the category "Best Soundtrack".

The full pack of Verdena, including vocals, is available with the latest album "Volevo Magia", which was released in September 2022.


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